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The Face of Your Wedding

Today we are introducing our very first GUEST BLOGGER!  Guest Bloggers are a new feature on the Bustle Blog and you will be reading from some of our most respected wedding industry experts as well as brides and grooms.  We can all learn from them together throughout the upcoming year.

Makeup Artist Q & A by Ann DeNicolo of Flirt Makeup

Q. How do you suggest I begin the search for my wedding day look?

A. Bridal makeup has so much to do with your personality and style so it’s important that you look your best on your wedding day.  If you’re not exactly sure what style and colors would be best for you, your makeup artist can help you decide.  Some things I take into consideration are the style of your wedding dress, accessories, florals and bridesmaids dresses.  Color themes or design elements can also be a source of inspiration for makeup.  Searching the internet or magazines is always a good way to get a feel for looks that interest you.

Q. What should I bring to the trial appointment?

A. Clean skin or as little makeup as possible.  Images of your wedding dress and any accessories are helpful.  You can also bring any other concept images you have (florals, bridesmaids dresses, etc).  Feel free to bring images of makeup and hairstyles that you may want to try.  All of this can help your makeup artist get a feel for your personal style as well as possible color options for makeup.

Q. Are there certain looks that pair well with different dress styles?

A. Of course there are no rules when it comes to how you want your makeup to look on your wedding day but there are endless options from the more traditional “classic” bride to the more contemporary “high fashion/glamor” bride.  Every dress has it’s own look and feel and the right makeup can really pull together all the elements.  Another fun option if you plan to wear any additional dresses after the ceremony is wearing a second look.  So maybe the wedding dress is the more natural makeup look and the cocktail dress is a smokey-eyed, sultry look.

Q. Is it best to stick with more neutral colors or can bridal makeup be any color palette?

A. There are so many beautiful colors to choose from it would be a shame not to use all of them!  I think it’s all in how the makeup is applied.  I don’t believe there are colors that are off limits for anyone, just different ways to wear them and in different amounts.  For example, if you love purple eyeshadow but are not sure if it’s right for your wedding day there are ways to tone it down so that it looks natural and timeless.

Q. Which is better, airbrush makeup or traditional makeup?

A. It really depends on the person, type of event and the look.  For weddings, airbrush is a really great option because what I use is waterproof and wears for 8+ hours.  Airbrush is my preference for weddings because it gives me a lot of versatility but there are times when traditional makeup is the better option.  In other words the decision is sort of case by case but I lean towards using the airbrush gun.

Ann DeNicolo has always been passionate about art, beauty and fashion.  After completing her training as a professional skin care specialist in San Diego, Ann began her career as an esthetician and makeup artist in the summer of 2002. As a professional makeup artist for M.A.C., Ann was able to create fresh new looks tailored to fit each client’s personal style.  As an esthetician, she has been educating clients about the importance of proper skin care and holds certifications for numerous treatments including hyper pigmentation, acne and rosacea.

Ann has been providing professional makeup artistry as a consultant since 2002. During this time, she has assisted countless clients with many requirements including:

Bridal makeup

Studio photography including fashion, boudoir and maternity

Televised demonstrations

Runway fashion shows

Group and personal makeup instruction


Thank you Ann!


For the Taste of Fashion

I have seen a lot of things but this left me a little speechless and intrigued all at the same time.  So much so that I just had to share it.

The Details…

Juan Manuel Barrientos, a talented young chef from Colombia, has created two fully edible wedding gowns and showcased them during the Colombiatex fashion show in Medellin.

Barrieto admits he didn’t know much about fashion, let alone edible fashion, until someone asked him about clothes that you could eat. He started doing some research on the subject and didn’t stop until he was able to create two beautiful wedding gowns exclusively out of edible materials.  The gowns are made out of sugar-glazed rose petals and champagne clothe and even come with edible accessories.

The original wedding dresses are made of 2,000 sugar-glazed rose petals and champagne clothe and come with edible accessories such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings made of candy, and a bouquet made of edible flowers. Barrieto showcased his sugary gowns during a textile fair for professionals that takes place between Januarry 25 and 27, in the Colombian city of Medellin.

Barrieto showcased his sugary gowns during a textile fair for professionals that takes place between Januarry 25 and 27, in the Colombian city of Medellin.  (odditycentral)

Thank you Juan Manuel Barrientos for bringing us a tasty eco-friendly gown that could essentially be in lieu if cake!


A Modern Day Wedding Registry

I can’t tell you how many questions we get revolving around the etiquette of the wedding registry.  The whens, wheres, whats, whys and hows…  I thought we would share some advice from the gurus of etiquette Martha Stewart and Anna Post.

Creating the List

Register for more gifts than you have guests, so there will be plenty of items to choose from. Think about who your guests are, and register for gifts in a wide range of prices, or choose individual items rather than sets, as with pots and pans, for instance. It is fine to put a few expensive items on your registry, but balance them with equally lovely options that are more affordable.

Spreading the Word

Once you have registered, give the information to immediate family and the wedding party, and let them spread the word. If you are asked where you have registered, it is fine for you to tell, but it is not proper to include registry information in a wedding invitation. Registry information can be included on a wedding website, as long as the actual name of the store is not included on the same layer; organize your website so that guests must click down one level to find the details.


Complete your registry four to six months before the wedding. This will give guests time to purchase gifts for the big day, but also for your engagement and a shower.

“Registering” for Cash

It has always been acceptable to give cash (or a check) to the bride and groom; it is also now okay for the couple to signal that gifts of money would be welcome. As with registries, give this information out by word of mouth: “Of course we would love anything you get us, but we could really use help with a down-payment on our first home.” It’s okay to say “cash,” but if that makes you uncomfortable, “donation,” “help,” or “contribution” are all good substitutes. While there are websites that help to facilitate cash gifts, it’s best to have at least one other online registry as well, as many guests may not feel comfortable having no traditional gift options to chose from. Couples can register for stocks via a website such as GiftsofStock.com, or for their honeymoon through a travel agency or an online service such as TheHoneymoon.com.   Just remember: in the end, the choice of gift is always up to the giver, so greataunt Edna might still buy you a blender.

Giving Thanks

Ideally, you should acknowledge every present immediately; writing a note the day you receive it is best, but sending it within two weeks is also acceptable. Of course, the period surrounding your wedding is a busy time; if you fall behind, just make every effort to send a thank you as soon as you can — but no later than three months after the event.

Martha Stewart has a great article on unique registry ideas for the modern couple.  We know it follows etiquette because it is Martha!

Thank you to Martha Stewart and Anna Post for the expertise in etiquette and their continual guidance in keeping us all proper and poised!



DIY: Save-the-Date Postcards

We are so happy to have our friend and bride-to-be Lindsay guest blog for us today . We received her sweet Save-the-Dates and knew we wanted to share them on the bustle blog. This DIY Save-the-Date project really sets the tone for their upcoming rustic summer wedding. We asked Lindsay to pen a quick blog to explain how she put this idea together….here it is!

When it comes to our wedding and the planning of our wedding, the more fun/coziness/DIY the better! Save-the-Dates are the first thing our guests are going to see, so I really wanted to have fun with it and capture a rustic feeling, since our wedding is taking place at a small family-owned winery in northern CA.  Dave and I also happen to live on a beautiful organic vegetable farm that truly epitomizes the rustic elegance that I have become obsessed with while planning!  We wanted to capture it and our personalities in our Save-the-Dates.

I knew I wanted a picture of the two of us, to use the farm’s tractor, and to make some sort of banner.  It was November, so the fall colors of the East Coast were showing in all their glory - perfect timing! (I should mention that Dave is a photographer, and has graphic design skills, so this whole project coming to life is really thanks to him)

We decided to really commit to the whole farm thing.  So, I printed out my banner that read, “GETTIN’ HITCHED!” and hung each letter on twine, and Dave drove the tractor to the perfect spot on the driveway.  He set up his camera while I hung the banner on the back of the tractor.  We jumped into it, cowboy hat and camera remote in hand and started snapping away!

We had previously thought of getting postcards to send as STDs, so we decided to print the back of the picture to look similar.  We added a personal message on the left, and threw in some fun details, such as a beloved Beatles quote (“all you need is love”), graphics on the right that appeared to be stamps, but had our wedding date details hidden in them.  We also incorporated our wedding colors, pink and grey, in the graphics.

We printed them through a great website called mpix.com.  Lucky for me, Dave is super multi-talented and was able to create something amazing, but the website has lots of templates and ideas to create all kinds of things, including Save-the-Dates, invitations, photo books, prints, frames, etc.  They also have a blog with lots of great ideas!

We have had such great response from our guests, which makes us feel so happy.  We want everyone to feel a part of our day to enjoy all the special details that we find so much fun and joy in, and our Save the Date cards were the perfect way to set the tone.

Thank you Lindsay for sharing this adorable DIY project with our readers!