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Bright, Bold, Beautiful… Bridesmaids

I was completely inspired by the bright ruffled pillows I found at That Funky Boutique on Etsy.  Apparently, they have been doing their homework as these colors are some of the trend colors for 2012.  I did a little “window shopping” on Net-A-Porter and found the perfect sassy dresses that not only compliment my initial inspiration, but they also make a statement!

The vibrant colors and the style are all bold options but equally fun and sophisticated.  It is so wonderful that we can use color AND have something that your ladies will want to wear again.  Go ahead. add little personality, character and a POP to your day!

PS: Net-A-Porter is having an amazing sale and most of these designer gowns are on sale (surely your bridesmaids would appreciate that!).

Clockwise from 1:00:

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Moschino Cheap and Chic

Elizabeth and James

Giambattista Valli

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Halston Heritage

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Launch Day has arrived… Welcome WUW!

Gosh, it feels as if it has been four decades since I have written!  I apologize for my absence but it has been for a GREAT cause…

We have the Wish Upon A Wedding Launch Party this evening at the Destination Event Center and LBE has had the great opportunity of coordinating.  As with every single event we do, it is only as good as the team we work with and I have to say that the Industry Professionals that have come together in support of Wish Upon a Wedding is AMAZING!!!

I will definitely be sharing the event, but for today I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone that came together to make this happen.  It is going to be fabulous!

For more information on Wish Upon a Wedding, visit the national website!



Four Decades

We do A LOT of celebrating weddings and new beginnings, but today we are raising our glasses to marriage!

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!

FOUR decades is definitely something to celebrate.

Cheers to FOREVER!  xoxo


Welcoming Wish Upon a Wedding to San Diego

Mark your calendars…  WUW is LAUNCHING!!!  Time to Celebrate.

Wish Upon a Wedding is a non-profit organization granting weddings to couples facing life altering circumstances, often related to an illness. There are a multitude of chapters across the country doing these great works and we’re so excited to be launching a chapter here in San Diego.
We are so honored and excited to be part of this amazing organization and hope you will join us…

Learn more about this event and RSVP here.


The Ultimate Bridal Accessory

Ahhh, the bouquet…  It is the signature accessory to every bride!

I spent the past week working with clients in determining the look of their bouquet and was feeling inspired to share some of my favorites from wedding’s past.   A bouquet is one of the few things, besides the gown, that can add personality to the overall bridal look.  Whether you choose vibrant colors or traditional white, there are numerous ways to make it your own.

Above: Flowers by Annette Gomez designed this beautiful bouquet of white peonies and succulents.

Below: Isari Flower Studio created this lush collection of blush roses and the bride’s textured white bouquet.

Above: Rae Florae combined these gorgeous Lady Slippers with accents of Dusty Miller!

Below: Twigg Botanicals perfectly blended the color and texture for this vintage inspired bouquet.

Above: Rae Florae composed this garden inspired bouquet for a private estate wedding.

Below: Organic Elements worked with vibrant color and paired the ladies with a signature bloom.

Below: Embellishmint Floral Design Studio  took the traditional rose bouquet and added an edge with the wrap and accents.









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DIY~ Doily Coasters




I LOVE these sweet and frilly DIY Doily Coasters that I found Ruffles and Stuff!  She was making them as a mother’s day present but they are applicable to any occasion needing a charming coaster.  Personally, I need to invest in a sewing machine but this project may just inspire me enough to get one!

You’ll need:
  • eight 5″ squares of muslin, or white cotton
  • four-4″ squares of batting
  • four-13″ lengths of lace

The Step by Step:
  1. Press the edges of your squares under 1/2″
  2. Lay your batting inside four of the sqaures
  3. Place the other four squares on top, pin, and stitch around the edges in two rows.
  4. Starting in the middle, spiral your lace around and around, with the bottom of each row tucked under the tops of the row before it.
  5. Stitch on in a spiral pattern, so there are no edges popping up.



Cup or Cone?



There is nothing quite like the sweet treat of Ice Cream…  

Adding this cool and creamy dessert is a must for all of our upcoming summer soirees.

  • Once your cake has been cut, invite your guests to enjoy their very own custom creation made right in front of them on a Marble Slab!
  • If your party is hopping and you don’t want guests to slow down or stop dancing for their sweet treat, try tray passing…  Mini cones with sorbet is sure to please!
  • As guests enter cocktail hour, have an ice cream truck or cart full of your favorite ice cream treats.
  • Love the old school Hoodsie Cups?  Create you own and get personalized wooden spoons as an added touch!

Of course, you could always serve an Ice Cream Wedding Cake…


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Who’s Your Daddy?



Father’s Day is June 21 and it is time to get shopping for something special!  The question is, what do you get the man that has been there for you for your entire life?  Okay, that may be too much pressure!!!  

We found some of our favorite gifts for all types of dads.  From the Sentimental Man to Mr. Adventure…

Reclaimed Wood Tree Swing

Tree Swing Made of reclaimed wood

Peg and Awl’s name is mostly synonymous with reclaimed wood products including this hand crafted tree swing.  Great for Olde Massive Trees and free spirited folk, this listing is for a tree swing made of reclaimed olde growth pine that was once a floor joist for a 19th century house.

Krups BeerTender


It’s time for dad to start serving draft beer right in his own home. Until now, you had to make some expensive purchases and deal with large, clumsy kegs. The Krups BeerTender with Heineken Kegs lets him serve delicious draft quality beer in an affordable draft dispenser using a simple Heineken keg tube. The automatic cooling system lets you cool the beer to your preferred temperature while keeping it fresh for 30 days.

F-16 Fighter Jet Flight Simulators

This is for the dad that is not weak in the stomach or faint of heart!  Flightdeck Air Combat Center is an authentic military flight simulation center providing everybody the chance to pilot a fighter jet flight simulator. Flight-gear, training and in-flight instruction are provided to ensure a challenging aviation-themed adventure that you won’t forget.

Father’s Day Flip Book

A photo flip book puts videotaped memories magically in motion. A tin full of favorite handwritten recipes perpetuates family traditions. And party favors crafted from snapshots along with laugh-out-loud recollections set the mood for what’s sure to be a memorable celebration.

Geneva Sound System

Winner of the 2010 I.D. International Design Magazine Consumer Products Award, this small but mighty hi-fi system offers superb musical fidelity and the most versatility in its class. Minimal design packs maximum patented technology including invisible TouchLight controls, PowerDock connector for iPod/iPhone and digital clock radio with programmable alarm for radio, ipod or iphone. Found at CB2.

Scratch Map

The perfect map for those of us with the travelling bug DAD. You can scratch off all the places you have been to and make plans to visit those you have not yet travelled to. The top layer of the map is gold and you need only rub the surface with the edge of a coin to reveal the lovely geographical detail beneath. It’s the perfect gift for those who have “been around block” a few times!

Burberry Sport Chronograph Watch

There is nothing better than the gift of time!  Dad can wear this Burberry watch when living life for himself. With sleek gunmetal color, multiple functions, and a boldly streamlined face, its rugged and reliable design is just what he needs for after-work adventures and weekend odysseys.

We love you DAD!!!


There is a New Boddington in Town… and he is Paperless!




We love Mr. Boddington’s Studio over here at LBE.   So, just imagine our excitement in learning that Mr. Boddington has a nephew and he can be found at thePaperless Post!


For those of you not familiar with Paperless Post, it is the most stylish way to send an invitation online.  If you are like me, there is nothing quite like opening a beautiful envelope to reveal the exquisite texture and design of an invitation.  Paperless Post is the next best thing!


This is in no way a suggestion for you to do away with the traditional “snail mail” wedding invitation, mind you.  I am simply LOVING the designer options when it comes to Informal Soirees, Dinner Parties, Showers and anything else that needs celebrating!  They even give us the opportunity to “open” the envelope.


These are some of our favorites from Mr. Boddington’s Nephew

I wonder if Mr. Boddington’s nephew has a first name?  










Getting Personal with MaeD Fit

We are finishing our Week of Fitness off STRONG with Mae of MaeD Fit.

I have had the opportunity to work with Mae and I love how much she has done to customize a routine that works with my schedule, tones where I need toning AND I actually enjoy doing it.  For those of you that want to start making some changes towards an active and fit lifestyle, Mae is a fantastic place to start.  She will work with you to determine your goals and customize a plan to achieve them.

Mae took the time to answer some questions for us…

What is your fitness philosophy?

My fitness philosophy is simple, enjoy health through fitness. I encourage clients, friends, and family to view fitness as an amazing opportunity to explore what our bodies are capable of, to live every day to it’s full potential through good health and happiness. I strongly believe that taking care of your body through fitness makes that possible.

What is the biggest challenge you see with clients looking to start a new fitness routine?

The biggest challenge clients commonly encounter is aligning their nutrition and fitness goals. Too frequently exercise is used to compensate for poor nutrition. In reality, no matter what your fitness goals are, proper nutrition will determine 80-85% of your success.

What are the benefits to hiring a personal trainer?

It is my philosophy that even personal trainers can benefit from having a personal trainer. On our own, and without direction, the great majority of exercisers do what they like to do and what know how to do the best-repeatedly, not what they need to be doing in order to achieve their desired results. Personal trainers offer a unbiased analysis of client’s exercise routine (if one exists) and lifestyle. Designing exercise programs focused on each individual’s goals, rather than being limited to what individuals are comfortable with. More clearly, in order to achieve results, clients must work beyond their comfort zone-challenging their bodies in different ways. In most instances, a personal trainer has the ability to teach clients the most efficient and effective way to do just that. Whether working to drop 20lbs+, train for a ultra marathon, loose the last stubborn 5lbs, or simply feel more confident and comfortable, everyone can benefit from knowing how to achieve these goals in the most efficient and effective way.

It is my belief that personal training should always be customized. For the sake of organization, I categorize training into the following: Personal training, Bootcamp, Nutrition/Lifestyle Coaching. From here, depending on your specific goals and preferred (need/want/ability) training frequency. The actual sessions MUST be customized for the simple scientific reason of bio-individuality. No two people will experience identical results despite identical environmental and physical conditioning-this is explained further in the next question.

Tell us more about customizing a workout.

Program customization is heavily influenced by client lifestyle, injury history, and muscular imbalance (often seen in posture analysis). It’s this customization and client individuality that makes my job so enjoyable and diverse! I hear far too often disappointed clients saying “I’ve been following this workout from Women’s Health/P90X/Etc. and I’m not seeing the results I want.” Although, I believe any form of physical activity is better than none, pre-designed workouts should, if at all, only serve as a start. Customization is vital because each individual has a fantastically unique 1.Body (frequently complicated by minor muscular imbalances/past injuries/etc.), 2.Timeline for achieving results (this includes lifestyle and schedule), and 3. Level of commitment/ determination. A common example of the importance of customization can be seen when two friends embark on a diet and exercise program together, and despite identical plans, one may experience fantastic results while the other sees none.

What do you suggest for people that really just don’t like the gym?

Fortunately, there are a great number of alternatives to the gym! Everything from hiking, endurance sports training, to in-home circuit work can be done without any gym time required. Measurable progress is extremely important for the success of any fitness program and luckily can be accomplished outside the gym as well. With the help of any of the following: -a Bio-impedance bathroom scale: measures not only weight, but estimates body fat too -tape measure: good indication of body composition changes -your performance: time/distance/percieved difficulty/lifting weight/repetitions/etc. -your favorite clothes and how they fit you: Use your “Skinny Jeans” -when they fit better, know you’ve made progress!

Do you advice for a client looking to start with a trainer?

First, determine what your fitness goals are and answer the following questions:

Why now are you looking for a personal trainer?

How often would you like to train 2x/wk, 3x/wk?

Do you enjoy group fitness settings (ie buddy/small group/bootcamp style training) or prefer one-on-one sessions?

What are your fitness goals (be specific) and why are they important?

Second, find the right trainer. Every trainer will have specific areas of specialty, find one that specializes in what you’d like to achieve. Take advantage of the common “Free consultation,” it’s great way to make sure you and your potential new trainer will get along well, after all, you will be spending a bit of time with them! Ask you friends for recommendations-word of mouth is a great way to connect with personal trainers who have good reputations in your community. Last, get committed. Now that you’ve decided to invest in your health, set yourself up for success. Establish and know your support system (ie family, friends, co-workers). Tell them about your fitness goals and what you will achieve. This creates a network of accountability beyond you and your personal trainer-it will help keep you accountable and committed to your goals.

What got you started in the industry?

I grew-up very physically active, playing high school sports (volleyball, softball, tennis, basketball, soccer, and tennis), and through-out my College career I enjoyed adapting to a gym routine. Although studying nutrition kept my drive for physical activity alive, I didn’t pursue a career in the fitness industry until a year after I graduated. Living in Colorado at the time, I was working a desk job (research and development)-when I decided to put my nutrition background to good use and help a close friend train for the 2010 St. George Iron-Man Triathlon. I was able to go to the competition and see him through the entire process, it was then that I realized I LOVED coaching, training, and enabling people to achieve their goals! I left my research job and after studying for my personal training exams and passing, moved out to San Diego. Although my background in nutrition, sports and physical activity definitely helped get me to where I am now, it is my passion for bringing enjoyable and effective fitness into people’s lives that keeps me loving my job every day.

What type of training/accreditation’s do you have?

Certifications: ACSM -American Council on Sports Medicine: Certified Personal Trainer NASM -National Academy of Sports Medicine: Corrective Exercise Specialist ACE -American College of Exercise: Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach Education/Specialties: BS from California Polytechnic State University Corepower Yoga Power 1 Teacher Certification Iron-Man, Sprint Triathlon, Marathon training TRX Suspension training, Road biking, and Tennis

Is there a common mistake that you see with your clients looking to get into shape?

Assuming cardio is the key to fat burning. For example: If a client spends 30minutes on the treadmill they will burn 30minutes of calories from fat, carbs, and muscle tissue-any and all fuel sources that the body can provide. Although clients shed weight, they are loosing lbs of both fat and lean muscle, resulting in a potential raise in % Body fat (not good)! In contrast, if a client lifts weights (does resistance work) for 30minutes, they will burn 30 minutes of calories from fat, not lean muscle. This occurs because when clients lift weights they are utilizing muscles, stimulating lean muscle growth, and reminding the body that we need to keep these muscles around; therefore, the body is forced to burn fat as its primary fuel. Resistance training for this reason is the most effective way to burn body fat (decrease %Body Fat) and change body composition, not cardio.

Contact MaeD Fit to set up your complimentary consultation!

Thanks Mae!